Reaching Kraków

By air

The Kraków International Airport (John Paul II Kraków Balice Airport, KRK) is the second largest airport in Poland, hosting 11 airlines with more than 3 million passengers a year and 47 daily connections to 44 foreign airports, including main European cities in 15 countries.

The airport is 11 km from the Kraków centre. The regular commuter train connection with the town centre is currently inactive due to the train-line renovation, but may be reactivated by June 2015. A direct taxi transfer to your hotel – for up to 4 persons – may cost less than 80 PLN (~20 Euro). Alternatively, you may take the following public bus lines from the airport to reach the town centre: bus 292 (runs every 20 minutes), bus 208 (runs every hour) or bus 902 (night service between 11 PM and 4 AM, runs every hour). The drop-off bus stop is at Cracovia Błonie, with a ca. 10-minute walk to your hotel or the conference centre. The day-time one-way ticket price (zone I) is 3.80 PLN (~1 Euro), but doubles at night.

For general information on the local bus services, see Our organizing partner, the Jordan Group, offers transport services for individual guests or groups from/to the airport or railway station; make your orders by visiting the Jordan website.

There is also the Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (with many international airlines and ~2.5 mln passengers a year) approximately 100 km from Kraków, with regular bus connections to the Kraków city centre every 1.5 hr; the ticket price is ca. 50 PLN (~13 Euro). See

By rail

The Kraków main railway station (Dworzec Centralny) is conveniently located in the very centre of the city. There is a good train connection with Warszawa (the Pendolino, InterCity or Express trains run every hour during the day, and the travel takes only 2.5–3.5 hrs). Krakow also has direct railway connections with the neighbouring countries (see for details). From the railway station, you can either walk straight to your hotel (~15–20 minutes) or take a taxi (~5 Euro).

By bus

The MDA Bus Station in Kraków (Dworzec Autobusowy) is located at the Bosacka Street near the main railway station. There are direct bus connections with most Polish cities and several European countries. For details, see

By car

The A4 motorway, via Wrocław and Katowice, leads to Kraków from the country's western border. There is also an easy direct access by main roads from the neighbouring Ukraine (motorway A4), Slovakia and the Czech Republic (motorway A1 and then A4).

If you arrive by car to the city, please be aware that there are three traffic-restriction zones (A, B, C), where most hotels are located and where parking fees must be paid. The entrance to zones A and B is restricted to local residents and hotels guests only.

The meeting venue, Auditorium Maximum, is located in the zone B, where parking is permitted only in designated places. Absolute priority is given to pedestrians and the maximum driving speed should not exceed 20 km/h. We strongly suggest leaving your car at the hotel parking and either use the public transport (bus, taxi) or walk to the meeting venue.