Scientific programme

Call for abstract

Submission deadline: 15 March 2015 (extended)

The organisers propose 21 Meeting themes (T) and 31 special sessions (SS). The conveners and descriptions of these sessions are provided below. All participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations suited for the proposed Meeting themes or special sessions.

Keynote Lecturers

  • Michael D. Blum (University of Kansas, USA): Predicting sedimentary system response to human activities: the future of the Mississippi Delta
  • Adrian Immenhauser (Ruhr-Univeristät Bochum, Germany): Mg
  • Brian Jones (University of Alberta, Canada): Facies and precipitates associated with carbonate-producing hotsprings
  • Wojciech Nemec (University of Bergen, Norway): Colluvium – the ugly duckling of clastic sedimentology
  • Ronald J. Steel (University of Texas, USA): The future of sequence stratigraphy
  • Helmut Weissert (Geological Institute, ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Carbonates: carrier of Carbon Cycle history and archive for chemostratigraphy

Meeting Themes (T)

  • T1. Physical sedimentary processes
  • T2. Biotic sedimentary processes
  • T3. Chemical sedimentary processes and diagenesis
  • T4. Geochemical record of sedimentation
  • T5. Economic sedimentology
  • T6. Freshwater carbonates
  • T7. Alluvial, colluvial and lacustrine depositional systems
  • T8. Aeolian depositonal systems
  • T9. Glacial depositional systems
  • T10. Volcanic depositional systems
  • T11. Shallow-marine depositional systems
  • T12. Deep-marine depositional systems
  • T13. Carbonate platforms and reefs
  • T14. Cycles and rhythms in sedimentary record
  • T15. Sequence stratigraphy: eustatic vs. tectonic control on sedimentation
  • T16. Environmental sedimentology: challenges of global warming and geohazard prediction
  • T17. Sedimentary record of climate change
  • T18. Trace fossils and environmental analysis
  • T19. Remote sensing, imaging and numerical modelling in sedimentology
  • T20. Geophysics in sedimentology
  • T21. Research frontiers in sedimentology

Special Sessions (SS)


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  • SS1. Carbonate platforms: archives of global change
  • SS2. Sedimentology and geobiology of carbonate build-ups
  • SS3. Recent advances in vent carbonates and mud mounds
  • SS4. Carbonate coated grains!
  • SS5. Calcareous algae as facies indicators in carbonate platform environments
  • SS6. Hard and mobile substrates in palaeoecological dynamics
  • SS7. Triassic to Jurassic peritidal sedimention
  • SS8. Triassic to Jurassic depositional systems in the north-western Tethyan realm: a basinal perspective
  • SS9. Biotic versus abiotic processes in terrestrial sedimentary environments through time
  • SS10. Non-marine carbonates: a multidisciplinary approach
  • SS11. Diagenetic imprint on primary sedimentary features
  • SS12. Sedimentary record of cherty rocks in the Phanerozoic
  • SS13. Phanerozoic giant marine evaporite basins: from Zechstein to Mediterranean and in between
  • SS14. Processes and sedimentary successions in the fluvial-marine transition of estuaries
  • SS15. Advances in delta sedimentology and stratigraphy in ancient and modern settings
  • SS16. New insights into processes, architectures and geometries in basin-floor fans
  • SS17. Linking sedimentary processes and stratigraphy across scales in deep water systems: field, experimental and computational approaches
  • SS18. Heavy minerals in the sedimentary record
  • SS19. Trace fossils in palaeoenvironmental studies
  • SS20. Application of sedimentary records in coastal environments for natural hazard assessment
  • SS21. Sedimentary response of polar coastal and shallow marine environments to climate changes
  • SS22. The changeable greenhouse world: interpreting records of climate, sea level, biota, and biogeochemical cycles of the Cretaceous
  • SS23. Hominin evolution, tectonic basins and climate
  • SS24. Sedimentary archives of human development and anthropogenic contamination
  • SS25. From millennia to seasons ‒ environmental and climatic change recorded in lake sediments
  • SS26. Controlling factors on source rock quality and hydrocarbon generation during basin development – case studies from Europe
  • SS27. Geothermal energy from sedimentary deposits
  • SS28. Sedimentary hosted mineralization and placer deposits concerning to mineral deposits associated with sedimentary processes
  • SS29. At the cross-roads of sedimentology and geophysics
  • SS30. Magnetic susceptibility and Gamma Ray Spectrometry - applications in sedimentary geology
  • SS31. Hydrocarbon prospectivity of eastern Mediterranean