Presentation Information

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations will be organized into special sessions proposed by convenors and open sessions in the frame of given a theme. Depending on the number of submitted oral presentations, each talk will be 15-20 minutes, including time for questions and discussion. Exact allocated time for talk will be given in the third circular. Your presentation should be prepared in a 4:3 dimension.

Each session room will be equipped with a computer with MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader (.ppt, .pptx or .pdf format files), a digital projector, a laser pointer, and microphone. You will not be able to use your own computer. If you wish to show a film as part of your presentation then it needs to be in the file format WMV (Window Media Video).

Poster Presentation

The poster board usable space will be 230 cm high and 95 cm wide (suitable for A0). A wide room will be available for poster presentations and several poster sessions will be programmed. Each session will be scheduled on a specific days. Posters will be displayed all day. Authors are kindly asked to put up their posters on the day where the specific session is scheduled as soon as possible. Material (e.g., double-faced adhesive tape) for mounting the poster on the boards will be provided at the registration desk.