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After graduation

The graduates of the first-cycle studies in geology possess knowledge in the general and basic subjects as well as the specialized subjects in geology, which enables them to work as professional geologists. They have basic knowledge in applied geology, hydrogeology, and environmental protection and management, thanks to which they can find employment in the institutions aimed to prevent the negative effects of human activity, especially those related to the exploitation of natural resources. The graduates are able to work in group and lead small task-groups. They have at least intermediate level of English. Besides the preparation to professional work, they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to continue their education as the second-cycle (graduate) students.   

After completing the second-cycle programme, the geology graduates can find employment in the following areas:

  • national geological service
  • geological and geophysical companies
  • exploration and drilling sections in oil companies
  • geological staff in mines
  • state administration (environmental protection and geological units at the local and regional level),
  • scientific units at higher education institutions and the Polish Academy of Sciences


The graduates from the JU Institute of Geology are:

  • excellent professionals, well educated and easily adapting to new work environment
  • resourceful and communicative specialists, confident of their own value on the job market .

The graduates of doctoral studies in geology are prepared to solve research problems in the field of Earth science. Their theoretical and practical scientific knowledge makes them well prepared to work as researchers in scientific institutions and research groups, and as teachers in higher education institutions. Their command of a foreign language enables them to read specialist literature and take an active part in international conferences.